Typical Week

A week in the life of a Fleet Feet Oak Hill Racing athlete

Training is very different for each athlete based on experience, age, ability, and events. Every athlete is expected to make it to as many practice and competitions as possible. We don't have an attendance policy but they will get out of it what they put into it. Practices will vary throughout the season depending on the competition schedule. Some weeks will have more challenging workouts than others, depending on what we are getting ready for. We don't have a set in stone schedule that happens each and every week but below is what is fairly typical. Most practices are approximately 90 minutes in length but may run shorter or longer depending on available daylight, weather conditions, and the workout.

For practices be sure all athletes are wearing proper running shoes and appropriate athletic attire. Track spikes can be brought to practice (depending on events) but most of the training will be done in running shoes. Be sure to bring a small water bottle (not a giant jug) and sweats to wear before and after practice.

Tuesdays - Warmup, drills, strides, track Intervals, cooldown, core, stretch.

Fridays - Warmups, drills, tempo or fartlek or hills, cooldown, core, stretch.

Saturdays - Some competitions

Sundays - Longer run, workout, or competition

For most athletes that are 7-8 years old this is enough for their continued development. Athletes older than 8 are expected to do some additional training outside of practice to be ready for competition. The amount of additional training depends on age, experience, other sports, etc.