Private Coaching

Looking for something specific tailored to your goals? Coach Chad's Private Coaching is what you are looking for. Run coaching for any sport, geared towards improvement:
-Improved Running Form
-Running Speed for your sport
-Strength to help improve your running

Three options are available for private coaching:
1. Monthly online coaching. This is where Coach Chad sends you a questionnaire so he knows your background and goals. He then builds a monthly schedule geared towards what you are looking for. Each day specifically geared toward what you are capable of and helping you improve. Then you exchange e-mails with Coach Chad at least once per week to make sure the training is on track and any adjustments can be made to the schedule. For this service it is $95 per month.
2. One-on-one coaching. With this option a mutually convenient location is chosen for a workout and Coach Chad comes out and works with the athlete in person. This individual workout is geared toward the athlete's goals. Example are: running form, strength, speed, endurance, etc. For this option it is $65 per hour (Sacramento area).
3. This is a combination of options one and two.

To get started or if you have any questions please e-mail Coach Chad at